I am officially an alumni of Art Center College of Design!

I would like to thank everyone who came to Spring 2013 Graduation and Grad Show and checked my work :) I showed 9 portraits from my Rockstar series, which is available to view in my website.

Now that I'm done and just came back from family vacation, I'm going to make another edition of my traveling book, Overflow. It will be more focused on my traveling with a mixture of photography and illustration. Overflow was about famous chefs, their signature food, and food I have tried based on countries I visited in 2012. I'm aiming to finish by December and hopefully print limited copies.

I'm also going to continue working on my Rockstar series and some freelance work.

I will update as I work more :)

Here are some pages from Overflow.



Seohyun. Book Cafe, Insa Dong, Seoul. 2012. (I accidentally wrote 2011 there...but I fixed it after I took this photo)


First freelance job in Korea

Long time no post!
As a lot of you know I'm in Korea right now with my parents :) I'll be going back to the states in summer (you can check my life in Korea in my other blog.)
I was asked to draw my mom's church (경동교회, Kyoung Dong Presbyterian Church) by her co-worker that is going to be used for church's magazine that's upcoming very soon! He wanted it to be done in pen and he gave me about a week to work on it, so I decided to do detailed drawing of the church.
There are few parts that I don't like much, but I think it turned out pretty good overall. I also got another freelance job, but for graphics. I will post that as well once it's confirmed to be good to go.