dream #1.

So, I finally started 'dream' series that I've been planning to do for like ages. This is based on my friend Suey's dream. I don't know if this is similar to her dream, I hope it will. There's supposed to be a person on top, reaching for a person in the middle, but I took her out because I was thinking of making that person with clay or something... I can't think of a name but yeah. I am not sure if it's going to happen but we'll see :)

Picture quality is meh because I used cellphone camera...again. I know I know..I am being lazy, sorry >_<. But I will use camera once it's done for better quality :D This is just a sketch, so I wanted you guys to just to see how it's going to be like. Hahaha.

I am thinking of doing mixed media...like watercolor and acrylic. I guess that's not really a mixed media HAHAHA. I don't know. I was thinking of putting some stuff in this piece to make it look more interesting. I am still thinking about it, but for now, I am starting with watercolor :D

I will update posts as I go on, so I can keep working on this without getting lazy :P

*check out old posts for other drawings/paintings*


micky mouse!

Disney started to make vinyl toys! There's collection series for them. So far 2 series came. You can't get what you want because box is sealed, so you have to rely on your luck lol. My friend Suey talked about it for a while how she started to collect them and how much she likes them :D
3 of my close friends and I had this girls' day out thingy few weeks ago, and we went to Downtown Disney to grab lunch and go around stores. After we ate lunch, we went to this big store, which I forgot the name of it, but it's the biggest one there, and checked out Disney stuff. As we walked to middle of the store, we found collection of Disney vinyl toys! (they call them as Vinylmation.) Suey bought 1 blank one and 1 colored one, Jackie bought 2 colored one, and I bought 1 blank one to paint.

After I bought it, I kind of regretted that I bought it...but I though i should make a use of it and started to paint, and that picture is a proof to show that I am doing something!

I still need to be productive and probably find a job or something, but for now, I am painting this. Sigh. I need to be productive more. OMG. sucks. What's wrong with me :'(

Anyways. I think I am starting to think more positively since I started to diet. PHEW.
I still want to get out of this apartment and do something. OMG. WHY DO I FEEL FRUSTRATED!!!
I think I can paint all night today, but I need to sleep early to wake up at 6am to go to Orange County tomorrow :P

click here to check collection of Vinylmation. I am going to stretch a bit to make myself get tired :D

I will post more pictures as I paint this toy :D

good night!