Pieces from THE ART SHOW.

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I am sorry about delay :(
But, here's my pieces! I was busy during the show and I totally forgot to take pictures before the show...so picture quality might not be good. I will try to take better picture next time :D

Here's my wall:

Tree #1. People liked this piece a lot. I was very happy to hear that.

This piece was posted earlier last year. I decided to put this in the show because I made this after my first show, "Fearless."

My first custom kicks. I bought shoes from Payless. I realized that that shoes were more for indoor, but I think it still came out nice. I am planning on making more custom kicks to sell. Let me know if you are interested. I also put my sketchbook behind shoes to show my ideas to people so people will know that I do think a lot and draw a lot.

Tree #2.

I am planning on making silkscreen prints for Tree series for sale. They will be around $20 - $30. I haven't decided yet. Prints should be available next month. As I mentioned earlier, I am planning on making more custom kicks. People really liked the idea of it, so I am going to do more for my next show.

Thanks again for visit and I will try to post new sketches / paintings whenever I am not busy with work.

*go to older posts to see my other drawings/paintings*


Thank You!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by THE ART SHOW!
There were so many people stopped by. I think we had about almost 400 people...maybe I am exaggerating but we did have a lot of people visiting us! Thanks so much for coming!

I was so happy to hear that a lot of people liked my new pieces :)
I will post them up later today. I am still resting from lack of sleep and last night's opening and stuff (yes, I am still on my bed typing this.) I got this thing on my eyelid too! I think i really got tired while I was preparing for this show.

For those of you who couldn't make it, don't worry! I will have another show next month at Riverside (I believe.) My friend talked about this show and I asked if I could be part of it and he kindly said yes :D
I already got some ideas for next show because he gave me good ideas and from people's reactions. I will be more prepared. I will keep post updated with more information for the next show!

Thanks again for your huge support!



My second group show!
This will be held for one night only.

Also Zomzy Studio will be a part of NELA (Northeast Los Angeles) Art Organization and NELA Art Walk happened to be held on the same day! If you are interested in participating for Art Walk, click here and download the map!

* Pictures will be posted on Sunday, after the show*