Design Giant

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My friends and I started this project called "Design Giant."
So what we do is, we draw based on a word(s) that's given by one of friends, and we post a drawing/sketch/etc on a blog he made. I just posted a sketch. It's a really simple sketch. I didn't have time to spend my time on it, but I am going to participate as much as I can to keep myself busy with drawings.
I can't wait to work on more!
Anyways, here's one of 'dreams' series. This sketch wasn't a dream, but it was based on a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about something and I said, "I will just sew on my brain," or something like that, so I drew it next day on my sketchbook. Hahaha. I think I meant to say "I will make sure to remember."
I am trying to decide if I should paint this one or another one I have. We will see how it goes. Okay, enough talk, here's a pic. I took this pic with my cell so excuse me lol.

I also got some new ideas/stories from my friends and students of mine at work. I can't wait to draw all of them :D I WILL START PAINTING THIS WEEK! WOOT!!!! I should have some time to work on new piece by Thursday or so.


*go to older posts to see my other drawings/paintings*