Recent Activities.

It sucks. Ever since last gallery show, I've been so busy working as full time, making flyers, brochure, and catalog, and I am not even graphic designer.
Well, I've been learning a lot as I was doing this. My design sense still sucks because I still don't know Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as much as other designers do, but I think I will do so much better once I get more references and inspirations.

I've been thinking about new project. I've been thinking about it but that's it, didn't get to draw on my sketchbook. I was thinking of paintings based on dreams of my friend. So far, she told me two of her dreams. I was also thinking about doing illustrations of random sentences or thoughts I said or thought of. I lost interest in drawing since I lost my pencil case. I am so sad that I lost it. Sigh. But I will start drawing a lot once I get some new mechanical pencils. Hahahahaha.

I will post more drawings once I do some rough drawings.

Thank you for supporting me all the time!