Painting in Progress.

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i am really being productive. i finished another painting that i worked on few months ago and started a new painting.
i am so proud of myself. hahaha.
it's a new series that i have been thought of for a while. it was originally for another gallery show, but the plan got delayed. i didn't want to waste sketches that i thought of so i am planning to do about 7 pieces of a series. i might do more if i end up not liking a piece. we will see.

i haven't thought of name for it yet. but you will know what i am trying to tell by pieces.
they won't look same as how i did for 'confetti' series, which i liked to do like that style.
i will start posting them slowly.

i have several series/pieces i thought of besides the new one. i am not sure if i am going to do them, but for now, i am going to focus on new theme.

(ps: please tell people about my blog! thanks!)

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recent painting.

*go to older posts to see my other drawings/paintings*

i've been working this painting for a long time. it wasn't supposed to take too long but i was busy with work, and like i mentioned before, i was just out of my mind with things around me.

^click for bigger view

i first planned to do this as a individual when i started first one (green one) but i wanted to have a set of 3 to give a balance. i sketched thumbnails for other two paintings and painted. while i was working on 3rd one, (red one) i put them together just to see what i need to fix to make them look like a set. then i realized that they looked like connected with hair. i didn't mean to do it like that. such a coincidence. i like how it turned out. background? still iffy in a way, but i like how them turned out.

now this one done, i need to work on another painting that i haven't finished yet.
but first, i want to take a short nap so i won't make a mistake.

*go to older posts to see my other drawings/paintings*


here are more pictures from my old drawings and paintings on my sketchbook.
this time, i put copyright and resized them so people can view better. haha.
if you want to use image privately or show it to your blog, website, etc., please leave comment with your e-mail.
all credit goes to me.

this is it. well. i have some more in my sketchbook. but these are the ones i like most. :D
please enjoy :)



i've been hearing few complains that i don't update..
i am sorry. i've been...yeah. out of my mind. it's been hard for me to get back on track. i finally started to paint again without being in a hurry. i felt less stress. thank goodness.
i took pictures of my sketchbook so i can upload here, but i realized that scanning looks so much better. sigh. i wish i have scanner. i will post scanned images of my stuff next time. but for now, i just want to show everyone my 'history' sort of.
there are drawings/paintings that i've done in my sketchbook since 2005.
(all of images are cropped to get rid of background. please understand if it looks too awkward. i kept the most)

click to see full size. it's a big file. i am still getting used to uploading pictures and stuff. i will put them in smaller size next time...-_-;;;

my ex-roommate. j2.

i think she was a model. can't remember much.


about 10 minutes drawing. (each)

about 10 minutes drawing (each)

i painted something then messed up. so i randomly painted and turned out better than i expected. people seem to like this.

right side: grace. my ex-student.
this is it for now. i will post more later on.