second photoshop piece i ever done.

okay. so this is what i've been working on since..... 4:30pm ish at Otis College of Art and Design.
i came to this school with a good friend of mine so i can work on new drawing piece. but she said she was going to computer lab and said i should try doing a digital piece, so i said "okay," and came downstairs with her.

it's still under progress, but i wanted to show a woman with a cigarette and a burnt (or burning) tree coming out of her throat to kind of represent how bad it is for your health...well..sorta.

her head got wayyyy bigger than i thought. but whatevers. tree is gonna be more focused as you can tell already...lol.

so far i like how color is coming out....i am going to keep color. i started with that tone as a sketch..but i really liked that color and i kept it..
i still have a lot of stuff that i need to work on...but yeah. i am working as hard as i can....
we will see.

oh yeah, aside from this piece. I AM GOING TO KOREA.
I will be leaving US on saturday morning. i am scared and excited. i will talk more about it later.