R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I was checking out facebook status on ipod and i read my friend's status that said "R.I.P. Michael Jackson." I thought he was joking or something, then I went to LA Times, and I saw a headline, saying that he died today afternoon.
I am in a big shock right now. I admit that I hated his face ever since he made his skin pale and all, but I also admit that his songs were over the top. He was an idol to many people and he was the king of pop, no doubt. A lot of people sing and dance with his songs and they are always good to listen anytime.
I am listening to 'Thriller' now. It has fast beat, but I still feel sad. I think I am going to listen to his songs until I go to sleep.

Rest well, the king of pop. I will never forget about you.



color looks weird in this picture, but oh wells...? lol.
turned out pretty okay. i probably gonna come back to this after i finish new one. hahahaha.
i think i am getting this weird feeling because i haven't done pieces with background in a while. haha. oh wells. i will get used to it :P

*edit: i noticed that picture was too small, so i replaced picture :D*



this is how much i got done. i don't know what to do with hair and those 2 lines. oh. and that small person too. we will see how it goes. :D


and i am still awake.
i had this illustration board with a painting of female soldier, holding two babies, one wrapped with iraq flag and one wrapped with united states flag. i did it before senior year was over just for fun during ap art class i believe. it was supposed to be 'time' magazine cover or something...
i decided to cover it with gesso and do new piece based on 'dream.' but somehow, i just started to doodle on it and came out with these two people.

bigger person looks like....i don't know, even i can't tell for sure that person is female or male. but that's how i usually draw so i don't care. haha. i am not completely sure if i am going to keep this or not, but we will see how far i will get with this one :D

oh yeah, i can still kind of see that 'time' magazine cover i painted behind that thin gesso cover haha.


painting in progress :D

this is where i stopped before i resumed working on it. i took this picture during the day so color looks better than one i took for later.

so...this is how far i got. hmm. color looks so....weird and too yellow-ish here.
bubbles became more like jelly beans but i worked hard on it so i am happy with it so far.
i still need to work on background and bubbles so bubbles/jelly beans will pop out more...it pops out when you look closer but not from far away. it's probably because both background and bubbles have textures, but then i like the way it is. haha. we will see.
mmm..face...i made it darker..but i think i need to take my painting to outside so i can check if color looks good in natural light.
i am still working on it, let's hope that i can finish it this week!
as for new painting, i haven't decided if i want to paint or do a drawing of it. maybe ink drawing since i haven't done drawing piece in a while.

sketch/progress for that will coming soon too!



as for some people know, i have this painting that i started in 2007 i think. i haven't worked on it for a long time and i finally took it out from my closet and resumed working on it.

size is about 30 by 40 i think. i will post a picture later. i am having a small issue with bubbles but so far, they look pretty okay. i painted pretty thin when i first started so i am painting same color on top of it. and i also need to work on background too. hmm.

it's still in the middle of process, so there are a lot of stuff to work on.

i am also going to start on small piece so i can work on it whenever i get tired of this piece. hahah. i found this painting that i did in high school. i did a cover of time magazine, which i have no idea why i did it. so i am going to put gesso on top of it and start on new piece on it :D

i will post a picture of big painting tomorrow :D