I am finally done with fall term :D
I leared so much from school this term, I am not lying xD. So I pretty much had 1 academic class and 3 studio classes. To be honest, I didn't like academic class at ALL because I am not a book person...AND it was all science-ish so I didn't really care about that class (now I am worried about grades tho.) But, I really enjoyed studio classes. I had 2 portraiture classes and 1 illustration class. I wasn't getting used to taking classes (again) so I wasn't doing good in most of classes. (I was doing fine in 1 portraiture class because it was traditional/foundation course, and I, as most of you know, love to draw people. But other classes were giving me hard time because I had to be creative. I was getting better in illustration class, but not in editorial class. My teacher was being really hard on me and recommended to drop the class and come back next term. But I didn't want to drop the class because I wanted to learn more from him and classmates. It was hard, but I eventually started to get caught up and teacher started to compliment me with my homework. On the last day, he told class about what I was going through and how he was being hard on me, but how I went through and brought good pieces in the end. He said I am diligent and he could see how much I enjoy doing art (that was the best compliment I've ever heard from teachers) I was so happy and I wanted to cry >_<

Anyways, I still need to fix some stuff on my final pieces. Most of them are done, but teachers said I should fix/add some stuff during break. I am actually really excited to do it. I can't wait til I am done with all of them and start working on my personal pieces as well :)

I will post some of my pieces up once I take pictures/scan them.
I am really happy with most of results :D I hope you will like them too.

Oh yeah one more thing! Dept. chair and one teacher came in to see if there's any interesting pieces to put in gallery, and they really liked all of pieces in my class, so they chose few piecs from every student including mine! They chose my Lady Gaga and 2 of my workshop drawings. My teacher said they really liked my watercolor pieces and they said I should focus on working with watercolors more (which I am pretty strong with I think.) I actually forgot to scan that painting, but I will take a picture of it if it makes it to gallery!