okkkkaaaay.... finally update of my life.

it's been a LONG time since last time I updated...and I realized that I've been giving out my business cards and I am sure some people stopped by and checked out my blog. Shame on me :/ Sigh. Anyways, I thought I should stop by (when I should come in everyday) and just update little bit to share what I've been doing. Okay.

I've been doing okay, sort of. Just being a poor artist, just like others. But! I got this project that I started with a good friend of mine and I think it's going to be so awesome! I can't wait until final comes out! I will let everyone know once it's done and I hope you all will be excited for it too :D We just finished one design out of 4 and I should be able to finish rest as soon as I finish rough sketch :).

And, I am done with 'dream' one, one I posted before this. I am still not sure if I am done for sure, but people who stopped by my place said they liked it...so I am happy to hear that. I probably going to add a bit more later on, but I put it aside for now. I am gonna start with another 'dream' one so it will be like a series, like how I did with 'tree' series and 'confetti' series. I love working in series. I think it's fun! It's hard to come up with it, but hey, as long as I enjoy it.
But for now, I am going to start this painting based on this sketch I came up during summer retreat. I started gesso-ing my canvas so I will have smoother and thicker surface but I just used a last drop of gesso so I need to buy new one so I can start this painting. This painting is based on Pixar movie 'Up' but in my way. I will post a picture once I finish sketching.
Meanwhile, I just started to sketch on 6" x 6" bristol paper with acrylics. I am thinking of doing series, but it's not turning out the way I kind of wanted. But they look still fine. I will post pictures soon. They are very, very simple. They were for fun anyways :)

I think that's it. Nothing special, just working as usual, chillin' with friends, try to draw as much as I can, get inspired, etc.
OH, and I turned in my pieces for this art contest, I think semi-finalist list is going to be up in less than a week. I hope I can make it. OH MY GOD. Please pray for me. Once that happens and end up being part of 3 finalists, I will be in happiest moment of my life.

Eww. I just heard some woman throwing up outside of my apartment. I hope she's okay, or better not throw up near anyone's door. That would be so gross.

Anyways, I will come back (hopefully, or better be) and post some drawings and paintings, and blah.
Good night!