These Days.

i've been working on church stuff this week. i just finished working on t-shirt design and now i am working on cafe night logo. it's a simple logo. i hope kids will like it.
i also started working on new paintings for my personal project and started to think about new paintings for new project that my friends and i were thinking of. i have about 3 projects: 2 projects for church and 1 group project.
i can't wait until i am done with all of them. i will slowly posting sketches and my personal projects that i've been working once i fix my laptop a bit.
i am sorry for not updating this blog much. i have two other blogs: one for my mom and one for my personal. i barely update those too.
if anyone has facebook or myspace and would like to add me, please leave a comment and i will tell you :)

i will post pictures probably this weekend.