(photo taken on October 31, 2011. Why am I posting now? Because I forgot to write about it.)

I went to LACMA on last day of October to go to Tim Burton Exhibition. I didn't want to spend $20 on admission, so I bought discount ticket for 6am. I wish I was able to take pictures inside as reference (<-no way) because his imagination and creativity was just beyond crazy. I noticed a lot of characters that he made when he was in teenage years were used as his movies. It made me think what made him think about all those characters and where he got inspiration from. Throughout this exhibition, it made me rethink about what I am doing at this moment and what I should do to develop my portfolio.

Only bad thing was that I got overwhelmed with his creepy yet imaginative artworks overwhelmed me a bit too much to view at 6am. But other than that, I really enjoyed it.

I can't wait to visit more galleries and museums when I go visit Korea.

Oh yeah, I didn't mention. I am going to Korea on December 26th. I will be staying there for about 6 months, maybe longer. It's going to be interesting trip because I usually stay there about 2 weeks through 4 weeks whenever I visit. Last time I stayed that long was...before I moved to the states. We will see how I will survive in between skinny girls haha.


HEART show

As I mentioned on earlier blog post, I had an arts (!) group show with my church friends called 'HEART show'
I actually don't have full picture of this yet, but I thought it would be cool to share how I worked on it. There's a big gap between #3 and #4; I forgot to take picture in between.

I started to paint on this door panel about a year ago with different figure (you can see it a bit on first image,) but I decided to redraw the whole thing to fit with the theme I wanted to work on. Title of this image is called 'Lotus.' This is my 'self-portrait' in fashion illustration form. My Korean name means 'beautiful lotus' so I wanted to design clothes that would fit to my name.

Fall term will end next week so I am working on my finals as much as I can, but having some difficult time with concentration. Please pray for me :)

*PS: please ignore what's on my table. thank you.