Kim Bum Soo - Please MV

Kim Bum Soo - Please

Co-Directed by: Joseph Jang/ Robert Ryu
Written by: Robert Ryu
DP: Joseph Jang
1st AD: Kevyn Fong
1st AC: Brian Kim
2nd AC: Judy Wang

Edited by: Brian Kim

Photographer: Hannah Gweun
Hair/Make-Up: Jenny Kong
Artist: Jeska Lee

PA's: Chris Yu, Jeremiah La Torre, Russell Fung, Aj Deleon, Cary Hokama, Sally Choo

Special Thanks: Story Garden Cafe, Hold Up Art Gallery, Spitz

Music by: 김범수 - 제발 (Please) 서바이벌 나는 가수다
Original Song by: 이소라 - 제발

Famous K-Pop singer, Kim Bum Soo, sang this song at this show called 'I am a Singer' in Korea, and good friends from DVI Creatives created this music video as their first project. It's not an official music video, but I am very proud of how the quality came out.

Big thanks to Robert Ryu, Joseph Jang, and Brian Kim from DVI Creatives for having me as part of a team!

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