i can't get right color. i really need to take this painting to outside and take better picture.
So for those of you who don't know what I've been up to...
I went back to school (finally) after 2 years! YAY! It's been fun and not-fun-at-all so far but I am definitely learning a lot! I am in LOVE with portraiture class because I love drawing people :D
I got lot of compliments from my teacher too so I am really enjoying that class :)
This portrait is from Portraiture class. I still need to fix minor things, but it's 99.5% done. Let me know what you think. Color is a bit off here, but I will change with better photo once I get help from my friend for photo-shoot.

I am having hard time with my other class. I guess I just don't have interest in that class. Teacher is cool, but I guess I don't get along with him that much. Hmm. Oh wells? Hahaha. I am trying as hard as I can so I can show him some good work :)

What else... oh yeah, my birthday was yesterday! Ah..so sad that I am getting old, but I am getting mature (maybe not but still) so I guess that's good. My dear friends made surprise dinner for me :) Thanks girls + bunny's bf for such a delicious thanksgiving/birthday dinner.

Anyways, my life during past 11 months since last post wasn't so special...kinda sad. Well, I guess there were some times that I thought it was special, but I won't say much about those. Hahaha.

I will post my other class stuff as I get more time to do so.