second photoshop piece i ever done.

okay. so this is what i've been working on since..... 4:30pm ish at Otis College of Art and Design.
i came to this school with a good friend of mine so i can work on new drawing piece. but she said she was going to computer lab and said i should try doing a digital piece, so i said "okay," and came downstairs with her.

it's still under progress, but i wanted to show a woman with a cigarette and a burnt (or burning) tree coming out of her throat to kind of represent how bad it is for your health...well..sorta.

her head got wayyyy bigger than i thought. but whatevers. tree is gonna be more focused as you can tell already...lol.

so far i like how color is coming out....i am going to keep color. i started with that tone as a sketch..but i really liked that color and i kept it..
i still have a lot of stuff that i need to work on...but yeah. i am working as hard as i can....
we will see.

oh yeah, aside from this piece. I AM GOING TO KOREA.
I will be leaving US on saturday morning. i am scared and excited. i will talk more about it later.


okkkkaaaay.... finally update of my life.

it's been a LONG time since last time I updated...and I realized that I've been giving out my business cards and I am sure some people stopped by and checked out my blog. Shame on me :/ Sigh. Anyways, I thought I should stop by (when I should come in everyday) and just update little bit to share what I've been doing. Okay.

I've been doing okay, sort of. Just being a poor artist, just like others. But! I got this project that I started with a good friend of mine and I think it's going to be so awesome! I can't wait until final comes out! I will let everyone know once it's done and I hope you all will be excited for it too :D We just finished one design out of 4 and I should be able to finish rest as soon as I finish rough sketch :).

And, I am done with 'dream' one, one I posted before this. I am still not sure if I am done for sure, but people who stopped by my place said they liked it...so I am happy to hear that. I probably going to add a bit more later on, but I put it aside for now. I am gonna start with another 'dream' one so it will be like a series, like how I did with 'tree' series and 'confetti' series. I love working in series. I think it's fun! It's hard to come up with it, but hey, as long as I enjoy it.
But for now, I am going to start this painting based on this sketch I came up during summer retreat. I started gesso-ing my canvas so I will have smoother and thicker surface but I just used a last drop of gesso so I need to buy new one so I can start this painting. This painting is based on Pixar movie 'Up' but in my way. I will post a picture once I finish sketching.
Meanwhile, I just started to sketch on 6" x 6" bristol paper with acrylics. I am thinking of doing series, but it's not turning out the way I kind of wanted. But they look still fine. I will post pictures soon. They are very, very simple. They were for fun anyways :)

I think that's it. Nothing special, just working as usual, chillin' with friends, try to draw as much as I can, get inspired, etc.
OH, and I turned in my pieces for this art contest, I think semi-finalist list is going to be up in less than a week. I hope I can make it. OH MY GOD. Please pray for me. Once that happens and end up being part of 3 finalists, I will be in happiest moment of my life.

Eww. I just heard some woman throwing up outside of my apartment. I hope she's okay, or better not throw up near anyone's door. That would be so gross.

Anyways, I will come back (hopefully, or better be) and post some drawings and paintings, and blah.
Good night!


dream #1.

So, I finally started 'dream' series that I've been planning to do for like ages. This is based on my friend Suey's dream. I don't know if this is similar to her dream, I hope it will. There's supposed to be a person on top, reaching for a person in the middle, but I took her out because I was thinking of making that person with clay or something... I can't think of a name but yeah. I am not sure if it's going to happen but we'll see :)

Picture quality is meh because I used cellphone camera...again. I know I know..I am being lazy, sorry >_<. But I will use camera once it's done for better quality :D This is just a sketch, so I wanted you guys to just to see how it's going to be like. Hahaha.

I am thinking of doing mixed media...like watercolor and acrylic. I guess that's not really a mixed media HAHAHA. I don't know. I was thinking of putting some stuff in this piece to make it look more interesting. I am still thinking about it, but for now, I am starting with watercolor :D

I will update posts as I go on, so I can keep working on this without getting lazy :P

*check out old posts for other drawings/paintings*


micky mouse!

Disney started to make vinyl toys! There's collection series for them. So far 2 series came. You can't get what you want because box is sealed, so you have to rely on your luck lol. My friend Suey talked about it for a while how she started to collect them and how much she likes them :D
3 of my close friends and I had this girls' day out thingy few weeks ago, and we went to Downtown Disney to grab lunch and go around stores. After we ate lunch, we went to this big store, which I forgot the name of it, but it's the biggest one there, and checked out Disney stuff. As we walked to middle of the store, we found collection of Disney vinyl toys! (they call them as Vinylmation.) Suey bought 1 blank one and 1 colored one, Jackie bought 2 colored one, and I bought 1 blank one to paint.

After I bought it, I kind of regretted that I bought it...but I though i should make a use of it and started to paint, and that picture is a proof to show that I am doing something!

I still need to be productive and probably find a job or something, but for now, I am painting this. Sigh. I need to be productive more. OMG. sucks. What's wrong with me :'(

Anyways. I think I am starting to think more positively since I started to diet. PHEW.
I still want to get out of this apartment and do something. OMG. WHY DO I FEEL FRUSTRATED!!!
I think I can paint all night today, but I need to sleep early to wake up at 6am to go to Orange County tomorrow :P

click here to check collection of Vinylmation. I am going to stretch a bit to make myself get tired :D

I will post more pictures as I paint this toy :D

good night!


R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I was checking out facebook status on ipod and i read my friend's status that said "R.I.P. Michael Jackson." I thought he was joking or something, then I went to LA Times, and I saw a headline, saying that he died today afternoon.
I am in a big shock right now. I admit that I hated his face ever since he made his skin pale and all, but I also admit that his songs were over the top. He was an idol to many people and he was the king of pop, no doubt. A lot of people sing and dance with his songs and they are always good to listen anytime.
I am listening to 'Thriller' now. It has fast beat, but I still feel sad. I think I am going to listen to his songs until I go to sleep.

Rest well, the king of pop. I will never forget about you.



color looks weird in this picture, but oh wells...? lol.
turned out pretty okay. i probably gonna come back to this after i finish new one. hahahaha.
i think i am getting this weird feeling because i haven't done pieces with background in a while. haha. oh wells. i will get used to it :P

*edit: i noticed that picture was too small, so i replaced picture :D*



this is how much i got done. i don't know what to do with hair and those 2 lines. oh. and that small person too. we will see how it goes. :D


and i am still awake.
i had this illustration board with a painting of female soldier, holding two babies, one wrapped with iraq flag and one wrapped with united states flag. i did it before senior year was over just for fun during ap art class i believe. it was supposed to be 'time' magazine cover or something...
i decided to cover it with gesso and do new piece based on 'dream.' but somehow, i just started to doodle on it and came out with these two people.

bigger person looks like....i don't know, even i can't tell for sure that person is female or male. but that's how i usually draw so i don't care. haha. i am not completely sure if i am going to keep this or not, but we will see how far i will get with this one :D

oh yeah, i can still kind of see that 'time' magazine cover i painted behind that thin gesso cover haha.


painting in progress :D

this is where i stopped before i resumed working on it. i took this picture during the day so color looks better than one i took for later.

so...this is how far i got. hmm. color looks so....weird and too yellow-ish here.
bubbles became more like jelly beans but i worked hard on it so i am happy with it so far.
i still need to work on background and bubbles so bubbles/jelly beans will pop out more...it pops out when you look closer but not from far away. it's probably because both background and bubbles have textures, but then i like the way it is. haha. we will see.
mmm..face...i made it darker..but i think i need to take my painting to outside so i can check if color looks good in natural light.
i am still working on it, let's hope that i can finish it this week!
as for new painting, i haven't decided if i want to paint or do a drawing of it. maybe ink drawing since i haven't done drawing piece in a while.

sketch/progress for that will coming soon too!



as for some people know, i have this painting that i started in 2007 i think. i haven't worked on it for a long time and i finally took it out from my closet and resumed working on it.

size is about 30 by 40 i think. i will post a picture later. i am having a small issue with bubbles but so far, they look pretty okay. i painted pretty thin when i first started so i am painting same color on top of it. and i also need to work on background too. hmm.

it's still in the middle of process, so there are a lot of stuff to work on.

i am also going to start on small piece so i can work on it whenever i get tired of this piece. hahah. i found this painting that i did in high school. i did a cover of time magazine, which i have no idea why i did it. so i am going to put gesso on top of it and start on new piece on it :D

i will post a picture of big painting tomorrow :D


Design Giant

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My friends and I started this project called "Design Giant."
So what we do is, we draw based on a word(s) that's given by one of friends, and we post a drawing/sketch/etc on a blog he made. I just posted a sketch. It's a really simple sketch. I didn't have time to spend my time on it, but I am going to participate as much as I can to keep myself busy with drawings.
I can't wait to work on more!
Anyways, here's one of 'dreams' series. This sketch wasn't a dream, but it was based on a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about something and I said, "I will just sew on my brain," or something like that, so I drew it next day on my sketchbook. Hahaha. I think I meant to say "I will make sure to remember."
I am trying to decide if I should paint this one or another one I have. We will see how it goes. Okay, enough talk, here's a pic. I took this pic with my cell so excuse me lol.

I also got some new ideas/stories from my friends and students of mine at work. I can't wait to draw all of them :D I WILL START PAINTING THIS WEEK! WOOT!!!! I should have some time to work on new piece by Thursday or so.


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Recent Activities.

It sucks. Ever since last gallery show, I've been so busy working as full time, making flyers, brochure, and catalog, and I am not even graphic designer.
Well, I've been learning a lot as I was doing this. My design sense still sucks because I still don't know Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as much as other designers do, but I think I will do so much better once I get more references and inspirations.

I've been thinking about new project. I've been thinking about it but that's it, didn't get to draw on my sketchbook. I was thinking of paintings based on dreams of my friend. So far, she told me two of her dreams. I was also thinking about doing illustrations of random sentences or thoughts I said or thought of. I lost interest in drawing since I lost my pencil case. I am so sad that I lost it. Sigh. But I will start drawing a lot once I get some new mechanical pencils. Hahahahaha.

I will post more drawings once I do some rough drawings.

Thank you for supporting me all the time!


Pieces from THE ART SHOW.

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I am sorry about delay :(
But, here's my pieces! I was busy during the show and I totally forgot to take pictures before the show...so picture quality might not be good. I will try to take better picture next time :D

Here's my wall:

Tree #1. People liked this piece a lot. I was very happy to hear that.

This piece was posted earlier last year. I decided to put this in the show because I made this after my first show, "Fearless."

My first custom kicks. I bought shoes from Payless. I realized that that shoes were more for indoor, but I think it still came out nice. I am planning on making more custom kicks to sell. Let me know if you are interested. I also put my sketchbook behind shoes to show my ideas to people so people will know that I do think a lot and draw a lot.

Tree #2.

I am planning on making silkscreen prints for Tree series for sale. They will be around $20 - $30. I haven't decided yet. Prints should be available next month. As I mentioned earlier, I am planning on making more custom kicks. People really liked the idea of it, so I am going to do more for my next show.

Thanks again for visit and I will try to post new sketches / paintings whenever I am not busy with work.

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Thank You!!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by THE ART SHOW!
There were so many people stopped by. I think we had about almost 400 people...maybe I am exaggerating but we did have a lot of people visiting us! Thanks so much for coming!

I was so happy to hear that a lot of people liked my new pieces :)
I will post them up later today. I am still resting from lack of sleep and last night's opening and stuff (yes, I am still on my bed typing this.) I got this thing on my eyelid too! I think i really got tired while I was preparing for this show.

For those of you who couldn't make it, don't worry! I will have another show next month at Riverside (I believe.) My friend talked about this show and I asked if I could be part of it and he kindly said yes :D
I already got some ideas for next show because he gave me good ideas and from people's reactions. I will be more prepared. I will keep post updated with more information for the next show!

Thanks again for your huge support!



My second group show!
This will be held for one night only.

Also Zomzy Studio will be a part of NELA (Northeast Los Angeles) Art Organization and NELA Art Walk happened to be held on the same day! If you are interested in participating for Art Walk, click here and download the map!

* Pictures will be posted on Sunday, after the show*